RoyalAgarwood is the international brand name of Hoang Tram 






The Divine Connection of Heaven and Earth

A Precious Gift from Mother Nature

...and Khanh Hoa, the Land of Agarwood, Holds This Invaluable Treasure.

Khanh Hoa, the Land of Agarwood, has been chosen as the epicenter of Agarwood's profound values since immemorial.

For millennia, Agarwood, as the lifeblood of Mother Earth, has been transformed into a treasure trove of invaluable benefits, nurturing and enriching the land's material, cultural, and spiritual heritage.

As the bearers of this divine essence, Agarwood's fragrance permeates the world, illuminating the Earth and fostering a deeper appreciation for the people who call this land home.



With a deep-rooted love for the transcendent values of Agarwood and a keen understanding of the consequences of unchecked resource extraction, the founders of RoyalAgarwood embarked on a mission 30 years ago. Their goal was to restore Vietnamese agarwood to its rightful place of honor and bring its priceless values closer to the hearts of the Vietnamese people.

To achieve this, they established a thriving agarwood forest, conducted research and development for innovative products, ventured into commerce and distribution, and fostered a unique agarwood cultural tourism experience in Khanh Hoa.



As RoyalAgarwood continues to evolve, it expands its horizons while keeping Agarwood at the heart of its endeavors.
The organization remains committed to:
*Forestry and Resource Development: Nurturing and expanding the agarwood forests to ensure a sustainable supply of this precious resource.
*Research and Product Innovation: Pioneering new methods in product development, from raw materials to finished creations, to showcase the full potential of Agarwood.
*Commerce and Distribution: Bridging the gap between domestic and international markets, making the enchanting world of Agarwood accessible to all.
*Cultural Tourism: Preserving and promoting the unique agarwood heritage through immersive experiences, fostering a deeper appreciation for this divine connection between Heaven and Earth.



With Deep Devotion and Unwavering Passion for Agarwood, RoyalAgarwood Aspires to Share Its Bountiful Wonders with an Ever-Growing Circle of Friends.

Our heartfelt desire is to introduce the remarkable values and enchanting beauty of Agarwood to the ever-expanding RoyalAgarwood community.

We envision a future where the members of our cherished RoyalAgarwood family become not only admirers of Agarwood but also cherished friends of this extraordinary gift from nature.

Together, we embark on the path that Agarwood has paved for us – a journey of serenity and delight, fostering harmony and happiness for all who embrace its essence.

The Road of Peace and Pleasantness